Dopo i 60 anni una improvvisa perdita di peso deve far preoccupare, soprattutto gli uomini, perchè in un caso su sette è legata a un tumore

Lo afferma uno studio dell’università di Oxford pubblicato dal British Journal of General Practice, secondo cui sono almeno dieci i tumori che hanno questo come effetto collaterale….Continua su ANSA>>

Weight loss is an important predictor of cancer

Patient consultation in over 60s with weight lossPatients with unintended weight loss can be a diagnostic challenge for GPs, who will try to make or rule out cancer diagnosis at an early stage, but will also be wary of putting patients through unnecessary tests. Nicholson and colleagues have carried out the first systematic review and meta-analysis to examine this association, and have found that patients presenting to their GP with weight loss are at significantly higher risk of having cancer than those without recorded weight loss. As a symptom of cancer, recorded weight loss is the second highest risk factor for colorectal, lung, pancreatic, and renal cancers. The positive predictive value for cancer in patients aged over 60 with recorded weight loss exceeds the 3% threshold for urgent investigation in NICE guidelines. The authors highlight the need for rapid referral pathways to speed up investigation with one-stop diagnostic centres.