Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD

The world of cancer is complex, non-linear and the fight against the deadly disease family requires particular attention from care providers. That’s why the concise, accurate and yet simple infographics created as illustrations for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s latest guidelines for the investigation and referral of suspected cancer cases are pure brilliance.

NICE guidelines for cancer investigation and referral revisited

The word, cancer, hides the complex world of many disease types and groups behind those six letters too conveniently. Sometimes patients tend to forget that cancer is not only one type of condition but a colossal disease family. For this reason, doctors appreciate and receive well visualizations of all kinds, where the complexity and variations of cancer appear on one sheet. And the graphs about both child and adult cancer pathways created by Will Stahl-Timmins for NICE as illustrations for the organization’s latest guidelines are way beyond well-done….more>>